Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hi all my Hitmaniacs,

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends. I have only just got back on my feet yesterday from a nasty cold which i got from running my body down by travelling to Jakarta in Indonesia and back home in the same week. (crazy i know). Anyway i had fun at the World Series of Pool and played a perfect match on my friend and tournament favourite Mika Immonen and beat him well, nice as he always plays like god on me in tournaments. :) I must say though i wasn't over the moon to finish 17th but after my exit i thought  my good friend Darren Appleton would have took care of business and won the event but sometimes pool is the hardest game in the world and other days its so easy you can run out left handed.

So yesterday was a busy day, firstly i went to the BBC office/headquarters in Shepards Bush as i was due on air with Asian Network with DJ Nihal for the Quiz Show, which is just some radio fun i have every now and then and the BBC have taken a liking to me as they enjoy my character so invite me down often to do different kinds of work with them. Although for me its fun but its also work as i am continuously trying to get pool as much exposure as possible any which way possible as you can see on my news page on my site . Also if you missed the Quiz Show you can listen via this link , the Quiz Show started 1hour 15mins into the programme.
Then the rest of my Friday was a meeting with the Co-owners of ,who could be sponsoring the events that myself and Rocket Rodney Morris are trying to promote. When more is confirmed i will keep you updated as you are all now a part of the Hitman's action with this blog.
Then to finish my Friday off i went to the new gym i joined, Virgin Active in the Twickenham Rugby Ground housed by the Marriott Hotel. This gym gives all others the 5,7 and the breaks. :) Check it out if ever you get a chance.

Actually I'm off to the gym now again, then maybe play some pool later on my gorgeous Gold Crown V at my amazing pool room in West London, Demons. I have to get ready for my up coming events starting with European Tour event in Finland and then shortly after the World Cup of Pool in Philippines. You can check out the rest of my calender on my site.

Peace and luv to all...

Till the next blog.

Raj Hundal
World Pool Masters Champion