Monday, 29 November 2010

Sarajevo Open...

Official Press Release from the Event


Raj “The Hitman” Hundal was one of the world class players who were invited to the annual Avas Sarajevo 10 Ball Open. The last day of the event was a busy one for the players as they played from the Last 32 round up until the final. Hundal was dominant in all of his matches throughout the tournament and made it to the final in style, where he met "The Kaiser" Ralf Souquet. Unfortunately for Raj, it was The Kaiser who, with good fortune achieved a 10- 4 victory. Raj threw in the towel as a fun and entertaining gesture as Ralf reached the winning ball.  When asked in an interview how he felt, with a grin on his face, Raj response was “I hate Ralf”, and appreciating his humorous personality, the commentators, audience and Ralf himself fell in a fit of laughter, Raj then continued to thank fans, sponsors and promoters for their hard work and gave praise and congratulations to his opponent.

"Firstly I would like to thank all sponsors and promoters for making me feel so welcomed at this event, I had lots of fun even when I wasn't playing pool. The locals took me around to see the sights and really treated me like a proper VIP. The food was also great in Sarajevo and everyone made me feel at home so thank you all for your kindness and great hospitality.
As for the tournament I had a good result and finished runner up to the legend Ralf Souquet who played great on me. I really got unlucky of the break shot as I never had a shot from 5-4 down until it was 9-4 which by then was too late as it was alternate break format.
The arena and supporters were electric and had created an atmosphere not seen in Europe before and it was clear even though I didn't win the event I had won the hearts of the fans, which to me is sometimes worth more than trophies, as its heart that I respect the most and when people show me love I am in debt to them.
I am already looking forward to going back to Sarajevo for the next Open and hoping I can do one better and finish 1st. Hopefully I will draw Ralf in the final and get my revenge. Ralf is a class act and I would like to congratulate him on his victory. Its players like him who inspire me still and bring the best out of me in match play, but I feel my best is still to come, so watch out. I feel I’m in good shape for upcoming US Open Championship starting on the 17th October."

For full press release including pictures follow this link

Raj Hundal
World Pool Masters Champion


From Miami,South Beach to Sarajevo...

So I needed a holiday/vacation plus my 29th birthday was on its way so i needed to celebrate in true Hitman style which you already know is VIP, dressed to impress and expect nothing but the best. So South Beach was booked with all the trimmings for me to leave on the 27th September, 3 days before my birthday. Anyway i hear there's a GB9 event in Daventry on the weekend before going Miami so i think why not show up and pick up some tipping dollars as im always guaranteed a top 3 place Anyway i finished 2nd in the Pro Cup which Phil Burford won, he played well and was due his first win on me in all fairness specially with the rules we play these days. Then i had a 3rd place finish in the Open where Jimran got me, in all fairness it was late and i was more excited about my early morning flight and then surprisingly the table starts pinging and boinging so i just conceded at 7-3 down and walked out, the cheddar was chopped up anyway so i again made the most cheese over the weekend but didn't get the dust collector this time but had made $2k extra spending money for my trip. I just hope one day  we can play proper rules again as we all know in the bottom of hearts if we ain't smashing them head on and playing winner breaks then we just playing a game and not a sport, and that's why more people come to watch me practice then show up to some events. Truthfully the highlight or most enjoyable part of the event for me was listening to a new album i got before driving down, you should have a listen its called "Distant Relatives" featuring the son of Bob Marley, Mr. Damian Marley and the legendary MC Nas. I simply had amazing talent keeping me company as i hand one hand on the wheel switching lanes, my favourite track on this album is called "Patience"  ...have a listen and BUY the album as all the proceeds help the less fortunate in Africa.

Ok its Monday morning, i am tired which is cool as i get to sleep on the flight and kick my feet up for 7 hours. I land in Miami and catch a taxi to my hotel which is located on South Beach with its own Beach section... its heaven on earth and I'm definitely built for the Miami lifestyle to say the least. Anyway i partied every night in the best hot spots and ate the best food at the plush restaurants and enjoyed my birthday to the maximum. Here's a coincidental happening for you all, i meet Nas the legend MC/rapper  who was also celebrating his birthday a little late at the night club Play and we hung out for a bit, hes a really cool dude, down to earth and a fly guy for sure like me. We spoke about this and that and the bottom line between us was always keeping it real no matter what, i also like him always speak my mind and try not to offend anyway but sometimes it takes a rebel to talk about the mess so someone will clean it up. The Hitman is on a mission to make this game a sport, because i do love pool much and i know it loves me too but more importantly needs me. After a great holiday and well needed break my pool schedule got me travelling again, i land home for one day and then its off to Bosnia and Herzegovina for my Sarajevo Open debut.

Check out the next post... Peace.

Raj Hundal
World Pool Masters Champion

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

It's been a while...

Firstly my apologies for being away from here so long but with all the pool travelling, projects on the side and then getting extremely ill i just haven't had a chance to blog. So since we last spoke, i went to the Finland Open as a warm up event just before the World Cup of Pool in Manila. My trip was very unsuccessful in Finland but this can be expected at times as today a 10 ball event is not the same game as it once was, i mean tapped in balls and alternate break is like putting me in hand cuffs as i can't do what i do best and gives my opponent a great chance to win. So with this negative pressure on the better player its great to be the weaker player, personally i know that's not "Sport" as a player with better skills(weapons) should be rewarded for his or her talents.  BTW a quote at the event  from Mika Immonen, Finland No.1 " it's a joke when players hit the break with their handbags and are guaranteed two balls, and don't even get me started with how sloppy these pockets play"... lol...So anyway Finland was a nightmare but at least we all went out to party the night we got knocked out and had a blast. :)

So i get home and pack for Manila, get dropped to the Airport round the corner from home and then sit in my business class seat sipping champagne waiting for the pilot to do his thing. After a nice flight and 12 hours in the air i land at Hong-Kong and wait a couple of hours for my connecting flight to Manila in the Qantas lounge(recommended by the Hitman). Finally land in Manila after another great flight and my driver is on time waiting for me, its straight to the Crowne Plaza for a shower and change of shirt as i got dinner with the Boss Perry Mariano and the rest of the crew,  so team Poison was in full effect as myself, Rocket Rodney Morris and Shanelle Lorraine were there too. We had a great meal and then went out for a few drinks as Dragon Promotion crew also joined us later and again it was a blast.

Next day my practice and coaching of my partner begins and will last 3 days until our first match, as i thought we had a slim chance of winning our first match but i played some awesome stuff and had us in a position to not only win but rob our opponents as we were 5-1 ahead and 6-2 and at 7-7 i gave my partner ball in hand position on the 6 ball but he found a way to leave me no where on the 7 and then hes supposed to play safe on the 8 as we discussed but he though he was Efren and tried to bank it and missed by a mile and hung it over the side pocket for our opponents, i thought he was doing a John Higgins on I'm still sick as we could have won that match a million times over... next year there's a strong chance my partner is somebody else, i will let you know closer to the time. Here's a clue though, he's an American based Indian kid who shoots great and actually plays pool. Team India will be dangerous next year for sure, two pool players is much better than one pool player and a one snooker/billiard player trying to make a miracle happen.
So i stayed for a bit after we got beat and watched a couple of matches but its hard to watch 9 Ball when its this silly soft cut break with a non sense 3 point rule being used, so in other words i was hanging out with friends and having fun instead. And naturally it was all done VIP style, Team Hundal is the only team to join guys and girls so if your cool enough we might head hunt you to come hang out but don't hold your breath too long. :)

Then i got home after my "Killer in Manila" and thank god for my business seat as coming home is hard after mad partying so i slept all the way home, got home for my dad's birthday on September 11th and had a great family evening as we booked out a restaurant and really enjoyed ourselves as there is no shortage of characters in my family. Then we had a  family wedding to attend at the London Lancaster, Park Lane and it was a heavy one for sure. Hitman's favourite line to bar man, "Scotch on the rocks mate but make sure only two small cubes as I'm already cool enough". Then on the way home (i'm not driving), i get dropped to a bar in Twickenham as its one of best friends birthdays and then i'll let you paint the picture but i got home at 3am.

A jetlaggish, hangoverish  few days later i fall really sick. I had a crazy temperature with a cold and couldn't event lift a glass of water, never felt that ill or weak before but i guess its a sign I'm getting old and can't party like i used too. Talking of which I'm 29 at the end of this month and will be parting and celebrating in Miami on South Beach, how will i top that for that for my 30th? i'm sure i'll find a way though. :)

The last few days i been playing pool again and been playing well, i added some weight to my cue as it was way to light at 17.5oz, its now back to 19.5oz approximately which is where i though it was and should have always been. I'm looking forward to practicing on my Gold Crown V at Demons the next few days and then i'm going to play the GB9 event in Daventry before my Miami vacation/holiday. Then when i returm i'll update you some more via The Hitman's Blog. :)


Raj Hundal
World Pool Masters Champion

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hi all my Hitmaniacs,

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends. I have only just got back on my feet yesterday from a nasty cold which i got from running my body down by travelling to Jakarta in Indonesia and back home in the same week. (crazy i know). Anyway i had fun at the World Series of Pool and played a perfect match on my friend and tournament favourite Mika Immonen and beat him well, nice as he always plays like god on me in tournaments. :) I must say though i wasn't over the moon to finish 17th but after my exit i thought  my good friend Darren Appleton would have took care of business and won the event but sometimes pool is the hardest game in the world and other days its so easy you can run out left handed.

So yesterday was a busy day, firstly i went to the BBC office/headquarters in Shepards Bush as i was due on air with Asian Network with DJ Nihal for the Quiz Show, which is just some radio fun i have every now and then and the BBC have taken a liking to me as they enjoy my character so invite me down often to do different kinds of work with them. Although for me its fun but its also work as i am continuously trying to get pool as much exposure as possible any which way possible as you can see on my news page on my site . Also if you missed the Quiz Show you can listen via this link , the Quiz Show started 1hour 15mins into the programme.
Then the rest of my Friday was a meeting with the Co-owners of ,who could be sponsoring the events that myself and Rocket Rodney Morris are trying to promote. When more is confirmed i will keep you updated as you are all now a part of the Hitman's action with this blog.
Then to finish my Friday off i went to the new gym i joined, Virgin Active in the Twickenham Rugby Ground housed by the Marriott Hotel. This gym gives all others the 5,7 and the breaks. :) Check it out if ever you get a chance.

Actually I'm off to the gym now again, then maybe play some pool later on my gorgeous Gold Crown V at my amazing pool room in West London, Demons. I have to get ready for my up coming events starting with European Tour event in Finland and then shortly after the World Cup of Pool in Philippines. You can check out the rest of my calender on my site.

Peace and luv to all...

Till the next blog.

Raj Hundal
World Pool Masters Champion