Monday, 29 November 2010

From Miami,South Beach to Sarajevo...

So I needed a holiday/vacation plus my 29th birthday was on its way so i needed to celebrate in true Hitman style which you already know is VIP, dressed to impress and expect nothing but the best. So South Beach was booked with all the trimmings for me to leave on the 27th September, 3 days before my birthday. Anyway i hear there's a GB9 event in Daventry on the weekend before going Miami so i think why not show up and pick up some tipping dollars as im always guaranteed a top 3 place Anyway i finished 2nd in the Pro Cup which Phil Burford won, he played well and was due his first win on me in all fairness specially with the rules we play these days. Then i had a 3rd place finish in the Open where Jimran got me, in all fairness it was late and i was more excited about my early morning flight and then surprisingly the table starts pinging and boinging so i just conceded at 7-3 down and walked out, the cheddar was chopped up anyway so i again made the most cheese over the weekend but didn't get the dust collector this time but had made $2k extra spending money for my trip. I just hope one day  we can play proper rules again as we all know in the bottom of hearts if we ain't smashing them head on and playing winner breaks then we just playing a game and not a sport, and that's why more people come to watch me practice then show up to some events. Truthfully the highlight or most enjoyable part of the event for me was listening to a new album i got before driving down, you should have a listen its called "Distant Relatives" featuring the son of Bob Marley, Mr. Damian Marley and the legendary MC Nas. I simply had amazing talent keeping me company as i hand one hand on the wheel switching lanes, my favourite track on this album is called "Patience"  ...have a listen and BUY the album as all the proceeds help the less fortunate in Africa.

Ok its Monday morning, i am tired which is cool as i get to sleep on the flight and kick my feet up for 7 hours. I land in Miami and catch a taxi to my hotel which is located on South Beach with its own Beach section... its heaven on earth and I'm definitely built for the Miami lifestyle to say the least. Anyway i partied every night in the best hot spots and ate the best food at the plush restaurants and enjoyed my birthday to the maximum. Here's a coincidental happening for you all, i meet Nas the legend MC/rapper  who was also celebrating his birthday a little late at the night club Play and we hung out for a bit, hes a really cool dude, down to earth and a fly guy for sure like me. We spoke about this and that and the bottom line between us was always keeping it real no matter what, i also like him always speak my mind and try not to offend anyway but sometimes it takes a rebel to talk about the mess so someone will clean it up. The Hitman is on a mission to make this game a sport, because i do love pool much and i know it loves me too but more importantly needs me. After a great holiday and well needed break my pool schedule got me travelling again, i land home for one day and then its off to Bosnia and Herzegovina for my Sarajevo Open debut.

Check out the next post... Peace.

Raj Hundal
World Pool Masters Champion